The sunset view of Miri City. The first oil well discovered in Malaysia, The Grand Old Lady. The view of Miri City from the top of Bukit Tenaga. The largest iconic Seahorse statue in Miri.
Night view of the Grand Old Lady. Petroleum Museum, Miri. The seahorse lighthouse at Marina Bay, Miri. Petroleum Museum at Bukit Tenaga (previously known as Bukit Kanada)
 Tusan Beach  The head horse shape Tusan Cliff at Tusan Beach.  The glowing of Blue Tears along Tusan Beach.  The glowing Blue Tears along Tusan Beach at night
 Kuala Baram Wetlands  There are more than 100 bird species at Kuala Baram Wetlands, including Wandering Whistling Duck.
 White collared kingfisher at Kuala Baram Wetland  Kuala Baram Wetlands
 The entrance of Niah Great Cave.  West mouth of Niah Cave.  One of Southeast Asia's most important prehistoric sites.  The main entrance to the Niah Cave.
 One of the waterfall in Lambir Hills National Park.
 Waterfall flowing over a bed of sandstone in Lambir Hills National Park  Lambir Hills Canopy Walkway.
 One of the frog species which can be found in Lambir.
 121  A woman from the longhouse residence, weaving a basket.
 The handicraft products of Entulang Longhouse.  Harvesting paddy.
 The weekly night market at Saberkas, Miri.  20150831_123244

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 913  914  Iban_Long_House  Dress-up_like_an_Iban_at_Iban_Longhouse
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Orang_Ulu_ladies_dancing  Orang_Ulu_with_Blow_Pipe  Orang_Ulu_ladies
 923  Waterfront_Bot_Tambang  Scenery_of_Kuching_City_from_Fort_Margherita_Kuching  Kuching_Waterfront

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