A Day in the Rainforest

With the many adventures Borneo has to offer, I decided to spend a day in one of Sarawak’s rainforest. As its name suggests, it is a beautiful escape situated in the heart of a forest which protects deep lakes, weird looking animals, and a myriad of fun slides and interesting challenges. One slide in particular strikes fear in my heart, but in the spirit of fun and adventure I decided JUST DO IT! Long is the journey and from as high as the clouds you start to make your descent, at first you are traveling down at comfortable speeds, reassuring enough that the thought that this is pleasantly fun and exciting starts dancing in your brain. However, that thought soon gets beheaded by the jolt of speed that suddenly is introduced to your body. As the slope begins to get steeper, you start to travel faster, and soon the experience gives birth to another thought, one more frightening than its predecessor, “Will I make it?” Or if you are as afraid of heights as I am, you just start screaming to yourself, “I DON’T WANT TO DIE!” Whichever suits your palate, after a couple of seconds, you are grinded to a halt from speeds of Mach One by a body of water, which upon consulting my scars, should have been deeper.

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Next up, I decided to challenge my fear of heights by jumping of a 15-feet platform into a lake. In retrospect this was synonymous with overcoming ones fear of violence by challenging an MMA fighter, it simply didn’t make sense, however one could argue that Bruce Wayne overcame his fear of bats by standing in a cave surrounded by bats, so I guess this story might end up in a victory for me. Four hours passed I was still standing on that platform and all I had gained was a tan. To further accentuate my defeat to my fear of heights, some Pakistani girl climbed onto that very platform, asked the park ranger if she could jump and upon receiving her “Yes you can,” which after further evaluation seemed to be emblematic of the ranger’s opinion that the jump was nothing at all, jumped and repeated the feat as if the first time was not bad enough for me. Groups of people had come and left, jumping in creative mannerisms into the lake, as if to celebrate the momentary lapse of gravity’s pull, while I stayed rooted on the platform. After my skin had turned into a weird scab like colour I decided my fear of heights had won.

I walked away defeated; however I had accrued a bountiful amount of fun memories thanks to the Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort that Miri offered as a respite from the many lectures and tutorials. If you ever come to Miri, make sure you pay a visit to Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort, she not only offers fun, at the end of your day she gifts you with a basket of memories for you to take home and write about in the near future.



Nadeen Kamel

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